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How Does PYROCHILL Work?

Read below to learn how PYROCHILL works and why it's considered the best fire inhibitor product on the market for preventing fires.

Understanding the Cycle of Fire

To better understand how PYROCHILL works, it's helpful to understand the cycle of fire. Initial fire ignition sources can be any energy source, such as heat, incandescent materials, a small spark, a flame, a lit cigarette, and a book of matches. These types of ignition sources cause the material to burn and decompose (pyrolysis), releasing flammable, poisonous gases into the air. If solid materials do not break down into gases, they remain in a condensed phase. During this phase, they slowly smolder and self-extinguish, especially if they "char," or create a carbonated barrier between the flame and the underlying material.

In the gas phase, flammable and poisonous gases released from the materials are mixed with oxygen from the air. In the combustion zone, or the burning phase, fuel, oxygen and free radicals combine to create chemical reactions that cause visible flames to appear. The fire then becomes self-sustaining because, as it continues to burn the material, more flammable gases are released, feeding the combustion process.

PYROCHILL is a fire inhibitor that acts in three key ways to not only stop the burning process, but to prevent a fire as well.

1)  It disrupts the combustion stage of a fire cycle, including the prevention "flashover," or the burst of flames that engulf a room and make it much more difficult to escape.

2)  It limits the process of decomposition by physically encapsulating the available fuel sources from the material source with a fire-resisting "char" layer.

3)  It dilutes the flammable gases and oxygen concentrations in the flame formation zone by emitting nanoparticles of water, nitrogen, and other inert gases when it comes in direct contact with heat.

PYROCHILL also greatly reduces the transfer of heat through material that is treated, and it is environmentally safe because it contains no toxic chemicals.

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PYROCHILL prevents the spread of fire and minimizes fire damage. Unlike flame retardants which only delay the time before something catches on fire, PYROCHILL is a fire inhibitor. It prevents any porous material that is treated from catching on fire. Protect your home, business, and loved ones and purchase PYROCHILL today!

PYROCHILL contains no toxic chemicals, but is not intended for human or animal use. Using PYROCHILL internally or on skin is not recommended since such use will not prevent injuries or pain that may result from fire-related hazards.

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